Gavin Newscum Faces Recall Election as Campaign Collects 1,509,000 Signatures


In a glorious effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom or as I call him “NewScum” has reached the minimum number of signatures needed to trigger a recall election, organizers behind the recall campaign announced Friday. Yes friends! Like I’ve been sayin for a long time California is flipping away from […]

Biden Attacks Farms – Comprehensive War on Global Food Supply – Engineered Famine


The Biden misAdministration’s executive actions in the last few days are attacking farms and implementing the technocratic takeover of food, accelerating a global collapse in food production by paying farmers NOT to grow food, cutting their financial support, tasking Tom Vilsack’s USDA with a Net-Zero goal, changing COVID guidance on […]

Keith Olbermann WTF? The man has lost his mind!


Ok so for sometime I’ve known that Keith Olbermann is a crazy dude who is more of a joke than an actual political sports talking head. He’s a complete hack, and an actual evil, mean spirited socialist driven leftist. He’s a narcissist in every sense of the word, and again […]