🛸👽Ex-Official Of Israel’s Space Security Program Claims That Aliens Are Real, And Trump Knows all!


Yes Trump knows, and he’s known for decades about the UFO reality. His uncle John Trump was deep up to his neck in it, and it’s one big reason the left wants to keep him out of office because as I’ve said I’m my show before TRUMP will be the […]

Did Trump Just Acknowledge 👽UFOs? With Military Action!


KYLE MIZOKAMI wrote about President Donald Trump and UFO’s in Popular Mechanics and interesting it’s very close to what I’ve been speaking about on my weekly podcast, and something I’ve thought about since Trump was asked about him being told about UFO’s when he entered office, and when asked about […]

🎤🎧 INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD W/ Gary Leggiere (The Mad Martian)


Hey folks so tonight I will be welcoming back to the show Gary Leggiere aka The Mad Martian himself! He was last on with me back June 19th and it was a ton of fun having him on. He does a great job as host over on GERN on The […]