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Capitol Rioter Yells in Court, Tells Prosecutors ‘Drop All Charges’ or Make ‘Counteroffer’

Zach Alam, an accused Capitol rioter, is looking to represent himself in court which is always a great idea as history shows us… LMAO! Now working as his own...
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Hip Hop Las Vegas Music NAS Nevada PURE SOLID NEWS Rap Tupac Shakur

Tupac dissed on A Newly Surfaced Record by NAS That’s Just Over 25 Years Old

Well it’s like pac said “They talk shit when I’m gone cause they fear me in the physical form… I’m Troublesome.” Now More than 25 years later which is...
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B Obama DACA Joe Biden Judge Andrew Hanen Kamala Harris Political Names PURE SOLID NEWS

Judge in Texas rules Obama’s DACA program is Illegal so he blocks new applicants

So Judge Andrew Hanen ruled that one time liar and thief….. I mean President “Barack Obama” violated a federal statute when he created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals...
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Big Tech Communism COVID-19 Facebook FDA Marjorie Taylor Greene Matt Gaetz NewsMAX Political Names PURE SOLID NEWS Twitter

Twitter temporarily suspended freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Twitter temporarily suspended freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., on Monday for sharing misinformation downplaying the severity of the coronavirus as well as the benefits of getting vaccinated. Which ok so again...
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Antifa Antifa Black Lives Matter Communism Domestic Terrorism Political Names Political News PURE SOLID NEWS Shaun King Twitter

Shaun King appears to have deactivated Twitter

So this guy! Should I say Fraud Writer wannabe activist, race baiting P.O.S Shaun King appears to have either self deactivated his Twitter account or he was finally removed...
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2020 Arizona Donald Trump Election 2020 Joe Biden Political Films Political News PURE SOLID NEWS The Fraud Squad

BREAKING: The Arizona audit results released

Americans now can see for themselves what the rest of us knew coming into these audits but now as we watched with bated breath Thursday as the Arizona audit...
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Black Lives Matter Communism Cuba PURE SOLID NEWS Sen. Marco Rubio Socialism

Cuba under fire & BLM declared Ponzi scheme by Sen. Marco Rubio… FACTS!

With the violence escalating in my island of Cuba this month due to the treatment of the Cubans which has become a bloody war on the streets as the...
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Angel Espino Comedy Fringe.FM Gerald Holcomb Joe Rupe My Podcast News My Radio Shows Paranormal Podcast Political News PURE SOLID NEWS Rabbit Punched RADIO Religious Spud Goodman


Featuring radio talk show host Joe Rupe (Fringe FM Radio) who discusses the paranormal, the devil and mobile home ghosts. Get in the ring with him, Angel, Gerald &...
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Conspiracy Donald Trump Logan Cook Manipulated Video New York New York City Political Names Political News POTUS 45 PURE SOLID NEWS

President Donald Trump Scores 1st Amendment Win in Fake News Meme Case

So we know that POTUS45 Donald Trump is no longer on Twitter so the lawsuit that he filed last week against the social media service for supposed censorship certainly...
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