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US President Biden addresses the UN General Assembly in New York

Dozens of heads of states are expected to descend upon the UN headquarters in New York for the annual General Assembly. The high-level General Debate starts on September 21...
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“I started dancing because I was feeling the spirit” – San Francisco Mayor London Breed

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on being caught in a bar violating her own mask mandate… One again another liberal that is more about do as we say and...
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Trump not worried prosecutors named him personally in the tax-fraud indictment against his namesake company

So after months of having his tax returns and combing over it like that scene in SPACEBALLS when they’re Combing the Desert. An attorney representing Donald Trump said he...
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Mark Levin “Pelosi Had ‘Key Role’ in Gen. Milley’s Undercutting of Trump’s Military Authority”

Friends it’s no joke and to be honest not shocking that Nasty Nancy Pelosi is guilty of Treason… You read this correct, and anyone with a logical working mind...
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BREAKING: Joe Biden Has Left the White House As Major Scandal Explodes!

This is beyond pathetic… There are multiple crises happening in the United States. Inflation is at historical highs, there’s an unprecedented surge in migrants at America’s southern border, and...
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So the ‘Clinton indictment’ blows Russia collusion conspiracy wide open said one top GOP investigator

Ok so the cybersecurity lawyer indicted this week by a grand jury in special counsel John Durham’s investigation could end up being the “fall guy” for Hillary Clinton’s 2016...
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Nicki Minaj feels the burn from her own side! This is comedy gold!

OK This is very funny and I can’t say we didn’t see it coming after all the left loves to eat it’s own…. Very democrat, socialist, and loud mouth...
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Jen Psaki Makes Huge Announcement About Gen. Milley Resigning

While speaking to reporters from the White House on Wednesday, Press Secretary Chucky.. I mean Jen Psaki was asked about the explosive new book that alleges that General Mark...
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So the moron known as AOC was a place full of her like minded people… Yes RICH people! Who like her are into fashion so the lowlife who spent...
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