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LeBron James Blasted After Mocking Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘You Cried Because You Got A Cramp’

This is why I stopped watching the NBA because the moron LeChina LeBron James who’s a racist, an asshole, and loves China! He’s now mocking kids as he mocked...
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Vanity Fair states NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan!

We all know Fuci lied and he along with Obama and the communist left created this virus using “Gain of Function” but Fauci who’s a liar, and a twisted...
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BREAKING: Joe Biden Has Left the White House As Major Scandal Explodes!

This is beyond pathetic… There are multiple crises happening in the United States. Inflation is at historical highs, there’s an unprecedented surge in migrants at America’s southern border, and...
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Hunter Biden Gets Heated on Fox Segment on When Co-Host Brings Up Jared & Ivanka Trump

So the son of the Sniffler, Thief, and creep in The White House Hunter Biden got heated like he was back on Epstein Island on a Fox Segment when...
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This is hilarious! Greta and the CCP at war!

Global warming and autistic young Greta Thunberg complained about criticism from Chinese state-owned media after they “fat-shamed” her in a critical article. The tiny under weight, and size teenager...
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Another day another moron on the left attacks Marjorie Taylor Greene

OK Don’t be shocked when I say this… Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen told CNN on Monday said that he was glad that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene visited the Holocaust Museum and...
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So Trump banned from FakeBook for 2 years! Effective from Jan 7th 2021

Not that it matters but yes you read the headlines right! President Trump who was banned from Twitter, and Facebook has been banned from FB for 2 years starting...
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Price tage on U.S. Capitol Jan 6th Protest at $1.5 million in damages says prosecutors

So The Justice Department officially just disclosed the price tag on the so called “Jan 6th Riots at the Capitol” at $1.5 million figure in a letter to a...
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