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Kyle Rittenhouse NOT Guilty of all charges in Kenosha!

Jury finds Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of all charges in Kenosha, Wisconsin as the jury in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse reached a verdict today 11/19/2021 Friday, finding him...
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Kyle Rittenhouse mocked by Hollyweird after tearful display on stand!

The pedophile filled Hollyweird lost their collective minds mocking Kyle Rittenhouse for crying in court while testifying in his murder trial. And some of the names are just astonishing...
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LeBron James Blasted After Mocking Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘You Cried Because You Got A Cramp’

This is why I stopped watching the NBA because the moron LeChina LeBron James who’s a racist, an asshole, and loves China! He’s now mocking kids as he mocked...
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BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Resigns Amid Controversy

Disgusting, elitist and Marxist trained Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors announced Thursday that she is stepping down from the organization, which comes as she and the organization have...
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Biden Attacks Farms – Comprehensive War on Global Food Supply – Engineered Famine

The Biden misAdministration’s executive actions in the last few days are attacking farms and implementing the technocratic takeover of food, accelerating a global collapse in food production by paying...
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WAY TO GO CHICAGO! City Ends 2020 With Highest Level of Homicides in Decades, Up 50% from 2019

The city of Chicago never stops amazing me! It’s now official that it ended 2020 with record-breaking crime statistics. The Windy City witnessed more murders than any time since...
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Dan Rather you idiot! + More proof the left lies, and are starting the fires!

So as we all know all these DemocRATS in “congress” and “The Media” are in an attempted coup of the country, and are using BLACK LIVES MATTER & Antifa...
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White woman who was filmed pulling a gun on a black woman in a restaurant parking lot

Now I know it’s being reported everywhere as a “White woman who was filmed pulling a gun on a black woman in a restaurant parking lot” And the reports...
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