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More winning for the good guys!

As Andrew Cuomo and his Cuomosexuals now know he’s a sick pervert, and it’s in hot water due to his lifestyle… He brought his brother down with him which...
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Jacob Blake had a weapon! + His Mom Blasts Rioters + Apologizes To President Trump!

Jacob Blake’s Mom Blasts Rioters For Destroying Kenosha, Apologizes To President Trump. Very smart sounding woman, and she totally schools the looters, rioters, and that meathead Don Lemon. But...
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Don Lemon Mocks Trump’s “Easy Mental Test” Then Misses a Question! 😂

There is nothing I love more is when one of these leftist morons on tv eat their own words after being proven wrong but now there is something even...
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NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace “Relieved” Garage Noose Was Not Criminal Act

I recently read about this after hearing on the Radio that the FBI had declared this to be not a “criminal Act” as it’s been shown that this is...
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Charlamagne tha God switched it on Joe again?

So on Wednesday “The Breakfast Club” radio show co-host Charlamagne tha God said he did not “bait” presumptive Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden during their interview with CBS’s “The...
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California Wants to Exempt LGBT Child Rapists from Sex-Offender Registry

Now the Alphabet people in California want to pass a bill to make it so if you’re part of their community they shouldn’t be charged with Pedophilia if a...
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