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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song Soars To No. 1 Spot On iTunes Hip Hop Chart

A song based on the anti-Biden chant “Let’s Go Brandon!” has soared up the charts and now sits at No. 1 on the iTunes hip-hop chart. Rapper Loza Alexander...
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Tupac dissed on A Newly Surfaced Record by NAS That’s Just Over 25 Years Old

Well it’s like pac said “They talk shit when I’m gone cause they fear me in the physical form… I’m Troublesome.” Now More than 25 years later which is...
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After 2 years of false imprisonment Bill Cosby to Be Freed as Court Overturns His Sex Assault Conviction

So let’s be clear here I don’t doubt that Bill Cosby slipped women drugs, and had his way with them sexually. He spoke about it himself on the Larry...
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Singer Marilyn Manson agrees to surrender for alleged assault charges

Marilyn Manson the shock rock singer has essentially agreed peacefully to surrender in L.A. on New Hampshire arrest warrant for alleged assault, police said in statement. In a statement...
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Actors California Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen Music PURE SOLID NEWS Random Music News Rest in Peace San Diego The Orange County Whitesnake

Tawny Kitaen Rest in Peace

Man the 80’s had some fine looking ladies but not many actress blew up like Tawny Kitaen based on both how gorgeous she was both on the outside, and...
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Digital Underground Money B Music Random Music News Rap Rest in Peace Shock G Tupac Shakur

Rest in Peace Shock G of Digital Underground

(Angel Espino) WOW another major blow to the nation of hip hop… Gregory Edward Jacobs, known professionally as Shock G, was an American musician, rapper, and lead vocalist for...
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