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CNN anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo terminated by the network!

So after his initial suspension CNN announced Saturday December 4th, 2021 that anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo has been “terminated” following an investigation into exactly how Cuomo aided his brother,...
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Nancy Pelosi: ‘It Is Not A Good Use Of Time To Negotiate With President Donald Trump Because He Is Not My Level’

Well look Hell has frozen folks as I finally agree on one thing by Nasty Nancy Pelosi… Trump is NOT on her level. Hardly anyone outside of her Sinister...
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Covid19 Vaccines Enter Final Phase Of Testing; are Aliens helping? 👽

So scientists have moved one step closer to developing an effective coronavirus vaccine according to reports by Moderna and Pfizer who both announced their potential vaccines have entered the...
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Joe Biden Babbles NONSENSE on MSNBC This is SAD to Watch!

Joe Biden Babbles NONSENSE on MSNBC… Funny, and sad at the same time actually. This is now elderly abuse I mean this guys in no shape to lead this...
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The E.T Mayor Lori Lightfoot V.S Kayleigh McEnany

Kayleigh McEnany DESTROYS Far Left Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and HUMILIATES Mainstream Media!!! Dr. Steve Turley posted a great video on YouTube about this but let’s be real, and...
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Biden Inexplicably Humiliates Stacy Abrams On Live TV.

Hilarious video clipped out by Jimmy Dore for his video show has Presidential Candidate on MSNBC to announce something BIG according to the hype. This dealt with the GAP...
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Trump is ‘visibly struggling’ For walking out on the press? Rachel Madcow says dumb shit. Again!

Listen to this moron Rachel Madcow talk about Trump like he’s crazy… Has she not looked in the mirror? Or at Joe Biden? Or the rest of the left...
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Not like he’s going to admit it! Come on now… Joe Biden [vs] Tara Reade

Joe Biden denies Tara Reade sexual assault claim like he will come out saying it happened! LOL But he tells National Archives to search for alleged record. Like we...
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