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So the moron known as AOC was a place full of her like minded people… Yes RICH people! Who like her are into fashion so the lowlife who spent...
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The KungFlu Strikes back! 🥋

In another expected and not shocking but still unwelcome twist in the plandemic, fully organized and distributed by CHINA. We know is as the bug that is from that...
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NEWS: United Airlines No longer hires based on qualifications! But it’s about Race!

I don’t like to FLY so this won’t really affect me much so I will not be flying their new and improved Alphabet Community United Airlines or “ACUA” as...
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Buckingham Palace confirms the Duke of Edinburgh Passed away at age 99

The world is shocked! He was only 99……… He hardly lived life. Well folks that’s the way the cookie crumbles, and not to make fun but I could only...
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FULL David Ickes Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally Trafalgar Sq London 08-29-2020

David Ickes Speech at the Unite for Freedom Rally Trafalgar Sq London on 08-29-2020 was aired live on YouTube which quickly took it down. The claim on YouTube was...
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Trump administration expands counter-narcotics operation in the Caribbean

So check this latest news out on what is doing to combat drugs coming into the country, and this is something as an adult we all should be in...
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President declares national emergency over coronavirus

President Donald Trump just announced today Friday the 13th, 2020 (Like that’s not spooky enough right?) that he is declaring the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency, as Washington struggles...
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