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More winning for the good guys!

As Andrew Cuomo and his Cuomosexuals now know he’s a sick pervert, and it’s in hot water due to his lifestyle… He brought his brother down with him which...
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CNN anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo terminated by the network!

So after his initial suspension CNN announced Saturday December 4th, 2021 that anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo has been “terminated” following an investigation into exactly how Cuomo aided his brother,...
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These kids tricked Biden just like the Taliban did!

Trump gets love in NY while Biden is the laughingstock of the subway series, and with the kids! So remember when the now known sexual harasser brother of Fredo...
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Andrew Cuomo shifts blame again on his departure, and pardons a murderer on his last day!

Disgraced ex New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo who just Monday Blamed ‘Political Pressure and Media Frenzy’ in Farewell Speech then he recommended for parole convicted murderer and member of...
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