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AOC Has the COVID 19! After showing up in Miami and partying it up with a bunch of drag queens!

This could not have happened to a worst human! Scumbag AOC has been once again busted being stupid, and showing how fake, and what a fraud she actually is....
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Lawmaker’s Telegram post featuring Rep Ilhan Omar draws violent responses and Facebook is also involved now!

While at this network we do not ever ask for violence against anyone even our enemies politically we can understand the sheer frustration that people face when reading about...
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Police Systemic Racism is the biggest leftist lie of all! Here is why…

Systemic Racism by police is not just a big lie it’s impossible in today’s climate, and society… HERE IS WHY I Say this folks… See LOTS of cops are...
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Hey Cuomo Trump is in NYC reportedly to check on family business without an ARMY behind him!

Take that Andrew Cuomo you disgrace of a human being you! So check this out friends as the man who has a legion of loyals calling themselves “Cuomosexuals” (you...
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So the “Martian of Stupid” as I call her cause she cannot be of this planet and she’s like a female “Martian Manhunter!” She’s evil. But that we all...
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AOC Fails again! But she’s not done!

AOC fails again! This time the 4th leg in the “Fraud Squad” continued never ending attack on our soldiers. The disgusting congress bitch, and lunatic from NY lost one...
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Ivanka Trump poses with Goya products in Oval Office after the support for President Trump her dad by Goya CEO Robert Unanue who said he doubled down on his...
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AOC is dumb, TIK/TOK is from China & is Sorros paying for it all?

NO Idea why but the Police are doing what they do best, and investigating a homicide inside the Seattle autonomous zone. The shooting Saturday morning left one person dead...
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