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AOC Has the COVID 19! After showing up in Miami and partying it up with a bunch of drag queens!

This could not have happened to a worst human! Scumbag AOC has been once again busted being stupid, and showing how fake, and what a fraud she actually is....
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More winning for the good guys!

As Andrew Cuomo and his Cuomosexuals now know he’s a sick pervert, and it’s in hot water due to his lifestyle… He brought his brother down with him which...
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“They Said Hell No” – Truckers REVOLT Against Biden’s Vax Mandate

This is the way… Is the Mandalorian saying, and now it’s the way the CEO of the American Trucking Associations says 37% of the association’s drivers are rejecting Biden’s...
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More dead of COVID under Biden in 2021 than under Trump in 2020

The data just released in a report from John Hopkins University shows the coronavirus death toll in 2021 as compared to that of 2020 just this time last year,...
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Stephen Duran(Captn Steve O) Rest in Peace

Stephen Duran aka “Capt’n Steve O” (03/16/1965 – 08/10/2021) best known for his show “Rev Radio Vegas” has passed away folks and while some of you might not know...
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House Republicans Demand Nancy Pelosi Allow Probe into Wuhan Lab, China Virus Origins

So House Republicans tweeted their support for the potential investigation into where the Covid 19 came from, and it went like this… “This investigation is more urgent now considering...
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Donald Trump & Matt Gaetz Make Fun at 1st Biden Press Performance!

Love this guy really! Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz openly joked, and made fun at the Sniffer-n-Thief President Joe Biden and his first press conference performance on Saturday, likening it to a...
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🔴Live: House votes on $2,000 stimulus check bill, veto override effort on defense bill

Today the House of Representatives will vote on a $2,000 stimulus checks and a veto override effort on the defense bill. Watch the video below…...
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VP Mike Pence vs. Kamala Harris in only V.P debate of the year!

Untitled Document Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris took each other on in the year’s only vice presidential debate. You can watch the...
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