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More winning for the good guys!

As Andrew Cuomo and his Cuomosexuals now know he’s a sick pervert, and it’s in hot water due to his lifestyle… He brought his brother down with him which...
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Fiona Hill impeachment witness is officially implicated in the fake Christopher Steel Dossier Operation!

Watch as these idiots still claim that “Trump” is lying when he clearly was not lying… This shows the clear biased, and hoax and how she was involved? Well...
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Jill Biden vs Kamala Harris? Trump vs Mark Zuckerberg?

So check this out folks big news here if all comes out true! Both stories deal with not just the election of 2020 but with what might be happening...
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Vanity Fair states NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan!

We all know Fuci lied and he along with Obama and the communist left created this virus using “Gain of Function” but Fauci who’s a liar, and a twisted...
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So the ‘Clinton indictment’ blows Russia collusion conspiracy wide open said one top GOP investigator

Ok so the cybersecurity lawyer indicted this week by a grand jury in special counsel John Durham’s investigation could end up being the “fall guy” for Hillary Clinton’s 2016...
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Benghazi Bombshell! 💣💥Clinton, 💣💥Biden, 💣💥Obama, 💣💥Brennan exposed!

Benghazi Exposed! Truth Told by Alan Parrot and this folks is just now going viral, and OMG this will answer, and connect everything that not just happened in Benghazi...
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Keith Olbermann ‘Terrorist Trump😱His Enablers And Supporters Must Be Removed From Our Society’

Keith Olbermann who’s always been a joke, and major horses as for the socialist left made a major push for Idiocracy this week as this buffoon made the statement...
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🎬📽️Hillary’s America🎞️ A Must watch!

Folks this is one of the most important Documentaries you will ever watch, and it’s now on YouTube for free! Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party...
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‘Satan-Worshipping’ Book Spotted in Hillary Clinton’s Study Fuels QAnon Conspiracy Theory!

Hillary Clinton has fueled a new maybe not so crazy QAnon conspiracy theory that she is a Satanist after sharing a photo from her study on social media. On...
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🎙INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD “Chris Wallace” Faces Backlash OVER Debate!

Guys tonight I went on without a guest, and only a handful of clips to keep the show on one topic! I Wanted to cover the AFTERMATH of what...
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