Breaking the law again! Schumer says Trump impeachment trial to begin week of Feb. 8


While it is unconstitutional to hold an impeachment trial over a now ex President, and a Citizen breaking the law has not stopped the radical left, and power hungry demented Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said that President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial will start the week of Feb. 8, announced Friday. […]

🛸👽Ex-Official Of Israel’s Space Security Program Claims That Aliens Are Real, And Trump Knows all!


Yes Trump knows, and he’s known for decades about the UFO reality. His uncle John Trump was deep up to his neck in it, and it’s one big reason the left wants to keep him out of office because as I’ve said I’m my show before TRUMP will be the […]

BREAKING NEWS: Pa Judge Files Memorandum Stating 2020 Election Likely Unconstitutional!


SO BIG NEWS! Pennsylvania Judge Files Memorandum Stating 2020 PA Election IS Likely Unconstitutional ALSO THAT Trump’s Case “Likelihood to Succeed” Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors! Pennsylvania Judge Patricia A. McCullough filed a Memorandum of Opinion on Friday stating the Pennsylvania preliminary ELECTION CERTIFICATION injunction was PROPERLY ISSUED […]

Trump Says He Will Never Concede to ‘Fake Ballots and Dominion’


President Donald Trump said Monday that, despite the General Services Administration (GSA) being given the green light to engage with the Sniffler Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden’s transition team, he would “never concede” in what is folks and I agree with the President “the most corrupt election in American political history,” and his […]